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Abled people only love disabled people in fictionalized analogies, in reality they fucking hate us.


I had to leave work early because my costochondritis was acting up after two days of relentless sneezing and coughing (allergies). 

I was explaining to my boss that it was probably because of my binder, and she recommended I stop wearing it. 

My dysphoria is a disability. You would not tell an elderly person to “just stop using” their cane, you would never tell a partially deaf person to “just stop using” their hearing aid. I can’t “just stop using” it. Obviously, if it were that simple I’d have fixed the issue already.

Why do people think that being trans means we enjoy putting ourselves through so much pain? If I had any alternative why would I be doing this to myself?

Your boss and anyone else shouldn’t tell you not to wear your binder, that’s transphobic nonsense.

But if you want to claim disability/disabled identity, maybe consider showing a tiny modicum of acknowledgement and solidarity with disabled people.

Discrimination against disabled people is rampant, violations of the ADA are constant and enforcement is a joke, disabled people are excluded from a lot of types of employment and education, imprisoned, institutionalized, sterilized, denied the right to vote, have their children taken away, and many other forms of discrimination and oppression.

People get told all the time to not use their canes (or to access places that require stairs or walking on uneven surfaces).  People are told all the time that their hearing aides shouldn’t be visible, but also that they should always using hearing aides to be as hearing as possible and should not sign in public.  Hearing parents have surgeries performed on their babies so they won’t be deaf.  I could speak personally to what it’s like being a disabled person going from visible limp to using a cane and it’s sure as shit not peaches and cream.

Disabled people are fucked over at every turn.

I’m disabled and trans and even if I were cis I’d still be a hallucinating autistic cripple.  I want some acknowledgement that ableism is massive and widespread and I’m tired to seeing abled people being centered and normalized yet again.



Oh how I can’t wait for fall 😏

did u notice his head framed by cage in last image

Sometimes I legitimately forget that not everyone has horrible distance vision.

Like I saw a post about not being able to see the horizon in the mountains and I thought “so what, you can’t see that far in flat places either” and then remembered that’s just me.

My horizon is where my visual capacity reduces everything further into an indistinct blur.


what is this “gay straight alliance”. Whoever said i wanted to be aligned with the straights. i want to Win

gay bisexual alliance against the straights?


i agree


Cherokee Petition in Protest of the New Echota Treaty, 1836 - 1836.

Item From: Records of the US Senate. (03/04/1789- )

Today is Trail of Tears Commemoration Day. Here is a petition that members of the Cherokee Nation sent to Congress opposing the New Echota Treaty, the treaty eventually led to the Trail of Tears.

Source: http://go.usa.gov/DQHT

How do cishets even survive?

It’s like they plan every aspect of their lives around being properly cis and het.

I don’t understand how cishets brains even work.

Yes, anything can be a trigger.

That doesn’t mean trigger warnings are useless or that the notion of triggers is meaningless.

Anything can be an allergy, but it’s not reasonable to use that as a defense for not marking food contents and for feeding people things they’ve told you they’re allergic to.

A lot of people confuse the idea of triggers and think that if something is a triggering it must be generally bad.  Generally bad things are common triggers but triggers can also be things that are neutral or even pleasant for other people.  Generally bad things, to use the allergy comparison, are like feeding people poisoned food-it’s going to make most people sick, but not everyone is going to be allergic to the same things.

I’m allergic to shellfish, that doesn’t mean other people are bad for liking it, but it does mean they should consider and respect my requests to not have any in or near my food.  I’m triggered by eating eggs cooked certain ways (I’m not even kidding, I can’t eat certain kinds of eggs because it triggers molestation flashbacks).  That doesn’t mean that I think other people who like those eggs are evil or that those eggs are somehow intrinsically bad, but I still want that consideration and respect of not being forced or pressured to eat them.


Kougami and his so-called 'talk'.

UNUSUAL HOARD commission for madeleine, look at the mess theyre making


UNUSUAL HOARD commission for madeleine, look at the mess theyre making

*listening to fall out boy and looking at owl gifs*

I’m an adult!

Some old person just asked me if I was doing my homework on my computer so I was like “No…”.

"Well, my grandson is doing his homework over there" combined with a dirty look at the owl gifs populating my dash.

I’m 25 years old, I can look at owls all day if I want to.