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[Cw: tmi, grossness, poop, medical stuff I guess]

My digestive system is in full fucked up mode right now and I’m pooping mucus. No part of my body works right.







The last line “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.”

“Life is but a dream.”

Really? That’s quite the existentialist mind-fuck to throw in at the end of a nursery rhyme.

I waited patiently for this post


No it isn’t, how long have you thought that?

What the fuck is a butter dream


My nephew sings the last line as “Life’s a spider’s dream”
Karliah: We must be very quiet, the Falmer may not be able to see us, but they CAN hear us.
Me: *supa sneak quiet as a templemouse*
Brynjolf: LASS. *hits every bone alarm* *steps on every pressure plate* *awakens the Centurion*

The survival and wellbeing of the poor matter.

No, I didn’t care for the ending of Snowpiercer or find the ending radical at all

[spoiler warning]

Because the poor people, the tail sectioners still end up being genocided.  They are killed, virtually every single one.  And the person who kills them, Namgoong has never been a tail sectioner and he spent years and year constructing a plan which required years of preparations but did not bother to include the survival of the actual poor people as a feature of it (even though it’s clear he intended himself to survive, the failure of the door to close seems to be an unforeseen problem rather than a part of the plan).  Considering that Namgoong is an engineer, it seems likely that he could have/should have anticipated the risks to the tail section, but enacts the plan anyways.  And he enacts it without the consent of any of the tail sectioners.  The people of the tail section did not elect to gamble or outright sacrifice themselves for Namgoong’s dream of leaving the train.

Namgoong is doing the same thing as Wilford, using the poor as disposable instruments for his plan (this includes his infiltration of the attempted rebellion to get to the front of the train).  But I don’t think the narrative wants us to view Namgoong’s actions as violent classist genocide, perpetrated by a man who has never lived in the tail section.  I think we’re supposed to see it as “liberation” and that’s why I hated the end so much.

We aren’t supposed to actually care about the poor (that 26% that survived Wilford’s slaughter to be killed by Namgoong’s actions), the “masses” and their value as people is still treated as meaningless or at best as tragic sacrifices for “the future”/”the revolution”/whateverthefuck.


Catherina Türk on Etsy

Insisting that nonbinary people class ourselves as men or women and live as men or women and saying that pointing out you’re not a woman when you aren’t one is misogynist is cissexist as fuck.

While a minority of nonbinary people are okay living like that (which is fine for them) the demand that nonbinary people erase ourselves in order to make the cissexist binary sorting system and the privilege it gives men easier to sort out is totally fucked up. It says that the person doing it can’t be bothered to deal with the vastly differing situations and complexities between nonbinary experiences and so finds it easier to demand erasure to fit the binary rather than dealing with them.

This situation only applies to you. Abstinence only education actually do a lot of good and I feel like you are unfairly generalizing them.

- Unknown major

[S/N: After I told my story how my 2 “friends,” sexually assaulted me when I was 12. I said that I was too scared to come forward to my family or anyone because my teachers preached abstinence-only sex ed. They would say “your body is only meant to be seen by your husband or wife.” Or say things like “sex before marriage is dirty. It made me feel dirty and ashamed, and I felt like I was in the wrong for a long time.]

(via shitrichcollegekidssay) I know where the submitter is coming from. I was molested as a kid and abstinence only/”abstinence plus” sex ed is really shaming and stigmatizing. I feel like almost all sex ed programs leave out child sexual assault victims but abstinence only ones are particularly nasty. It heavily reinforces the messages we are already given saying we’re dirty, to blame, etc.

As a note to that last post, I have like 50 first cousins (not counting their children), so it would be more statistically unlikely if there was only one queer in the bunch.

There’s probably more than one other one, I don’t keep in touch with all of them.


being the trans nonbinary non-monogamous bisexual cousin is a lot different from being the gay cousin

my married cis lesbian cousin looks way more normal by comparison to me

I think Amazon is learning my weaknesses.

The good news is Yahoo is still clueless XD

There’s no actual neat correlation between how much a trans person is the binary gender different from their birth assignment and their physical dysphoria


A person can have severe physical dysphoria who would otherwise be okay living as a cis person of their sex assigned at birth, a person can have a very, very strong self concept and knowledge that they are the other binary gender or a nonbinary gender(s) with little or no physical dysphoria.

It’s not like there’s a neatly matching continuum where really binary trans men and trans women have the most physical dysphoria and nonbinary people or even people close to the boundary lines between cis and trans have the least.

My physical dysphoria doesn’t make me more of a man than a trans man who doesn’t have physical dysphoria.  I’m not a man, a trans man who doesn’t want top surgery, hormones, etc. is still a man.  Desire for a medical or “physical” transition doesn’t make someone more or less nonbinary or more or less a man or woman. (It’s also interesting how physical dysphorias are often ranked in these discussions).

When truscum use “non-dysphoric” as a stand in form nonbinary, genderqueer, not a man/not a woman, they are attacking nonbinary people in general, because this conflation is rooted in the notion that nonbinary genders are less real and that nonbinary people are essentially partial trans men/trans women or “halfway between cis and trans man/trans woman” (some people’s genders fit that description and that’s an okay way for them to be, but it isn’t a majority of nonbinary people).

And almost no one steps up to defend “non-op” binary trans people in a lot of these fights because 1)many trans communities have already been shitting on those people for a long time and 2)they don’t want to consider binary trans people being put up to this same scrutiny and 3) they don’t want to treat nonbinary genders as as valid as man or woman and treat our internal self concepts of our gender as just as real as internal self concepts of man/woman.

There’s a complicated array of physical dysphoria, social dysphoria, internal self concept, experiences, etc., not some simple continuum between non-dysphoric to dysphoric and cis to binary trans.