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Mom: That pizza place in [next county over] is going out of business.
Me: Yeah, of course.
Mom: Their food is terrible and dirty, I don't know why people used to go there.
Me: ...You really don't?
Mom: They don't have any customers there anymore, but they used to have a lot. Did people used to think their food was good?
Me: No. No one ever thought their food was good. Or even sanitary. It just used to be a drug front.
Mom: People used to go eat there all the time.
Me: No, they didn't go there to eat, they went to buy drugs. Unless you consider crack a food group, no one went there to eat.
My mother is such a gossip queen, you would have thought she would realize that having your drug dealer backers arrested would have consequences for all their fronts and laundering businesses.

If anything for me, it’s more of an issue of wishing I had a binary gender, even if just partially, because it would just be so much simplier.

Ah, just to clarify my “not like you” post, I don’t think most (any?) people with a really strong or significant male gender can just push it away like that or that failing to be unable to push it away is a sign of sexism or toxic masculinity.

Insofar as I have an attachment/image of male identity personally, it’s borderline or weak and not super significant if it even exist.  And that’s not the case for everyone which is fine. 

Do other nonbinary people ever sometimes wonder if they’re more on the trans guy side and then look at men and just go

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When my mom went on vacation a while back and I, the chronically disabled one, was watching three children for eight hours a day, only washed my own and the kids dishes and left my brother’s dishes for him to wash, he acted shocked when I told him I’d wash my dishes and he could wash his own.  And then he called me a bitch.

My brother keeps comparing himself being a manbaby who is too lazy and feels too entitled to women doing his housework for him to move out and live on his own despite having a decent income with me living at home because my only other choice is homelessness because I’m disabled and had to drop out of law school and basically had my entire life collapse and have zero income.

And then he wonders why I won’t support him when he’s arguing with our mother.

I fucking wonder why.

Being given the benefit of the doubt is very often part of privilege.




False rape accusations are an anomaly.

True rape accusations are a norm.

You’re, quite literally, more likely to be killed by a comet than falsely accused of rape.

Re-blog now, read later.

"Because 1 in 33 men will be raped in his lifetime, men are 82,000x more likely to be raped than falsely accused of rape. It seems many of us would do well to pay more attention to how rape culture affects us all than be paranoid about false accusers.”

Yep, also, let’s talk about the demographics of men falsely convicted of rape/the facts of your average false rape conviction.  False rape convictions are vast majority cases where a rape did occur but the person convicted was not the rapist.  They typically involve a black defendant, a white victim, and a stranger rape-which makes them uncommon circumstances period (only a very small percentage of rapes of white women are by non-white men, most victims know their rapist).  There is a lot of racism at issue with white victims being much more likely to misidentify with a black perpetrator across the board (white witnesses are more likely to misidentify POC suspects in all types of criminal cases), but it’s important to remember these people did not in the vast majority of cases lie about being raped, they were raped and misidentified the suspect.

Like, if you’re a black person being accused of raping a white stranger, that’s pretty much the only context in which false rape convictions aren’t abnormal and rare.

The next most common false rape convictions involve rape-murders (where the victim doesn’t testify because they’re dead) with the wrong person being convicted as the perpetrator.

Even among false rape convictions, there is no significant trend of people making up rapes that did not happen.

Note to self: never again google “ear fungus”.

I was extremely confused about my sexuality in my early teens, and it wasn’t my bisexuality that confused me, it was a biphobic society that denied bisexual existence and erased bisexuality at every turn.

And the whole nonbinary/trans thing-figuring out your sexuality while having gender issues can be a mindfuck all of its own.



cis ppl talking shit about trans men: stop.

like. transfeminine folks and to a certain extent dfab non-transmasc folks are thrown under the bus by trans men at every opportunity. but if you, as a cis person, say you hate trans men, you’re not being Edgy and Progressive; you’re being a transphobe. full stop.


When people say things like “are you gay or are you JUST bi?” or “she has to be AT LEAST bisexual” they are proving that they do not view bisexuality as a complete and full orientation. We’re seen as meeting a “minimum requirement.” Bisexuality does not mean “watered down gay”. We are not diluted. We are complete. And to act as if our relevance and importance are contingent on “how gay” or “how straight” we are is so damaging because we will never be either of those. You are telling us we will never be relevant and important enough for anyone. No, I am not AT LEAST bi. I’m as bi as you can fucking get (which applies to every bisexual/biromantic person) and I’m not interested in being treated like half of a person, thanks.